ET: Yes Bank’s AT1 yields soar as analysts worry about thin trade

18 June 2019: Yes Bank’s additional tier-1 (AT1) bond yield soared past 13 per cent, mirroring investor worry the lender’s equity position may get dented with more provisioning for bad loans. Though thinly-traded, the lack of demand for these bonds puts the focus on the bank’s urgent needs for capital.

Yes Bank has been issuing AT1 bonds since 2010. These bonds have been issued in different years their yields have spiked recently. The yield on the 9.50 per cent bond issued on December 23, 2016, for example, jumped to 13.60 per cent, though trading is thin. It was trading at 9.95 per cent in January this year.

Analysts said the sharp jump in the yields is not an accurate reflection of the bond because trades are very thin. On Monday a total of 80 bonds were traded at varied prices. While 30 bonds changed hands at a price of 97.74, 50 bonds changed owners at 94.60, reflecting the sharp movement in prices and hence yields. Bond prices and yields move in opposite directions.

Yes Bank’s AT1 bond yield spike opened up a gap with larger banking peers. Comparatively, ICICI Bank and HDFC Bank are trading at around 9.25 per cent, while SBI is around 8.90 per cent. ICICI was issued at 9.70 per cent in March 2018. “Risk perception for lenders below AAA is clearly higher now. But it is still far from a stage when the central bank says it’s a point of being nonviable. Investors are cautious and it is showing in the yields,” said Karthik Srinivasan, senior vice president, at ratings firm ICRA.

The Economic Times reported

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