GDP Data:

Two major economies reported their 2Q12 GDP data alongwith Hungary, Austria and Slovakia.

Germany: 2Q12 GDP at 0.3 percent vs exp 0.2 percent vs prv 0.5 percent. A slight slowdown that previous quarter but came in higher than expectations.  On a y/y basis, GDP came in at -0.5 percent vs expectations of 1 percent vs prv period’s data of 1.7 percent.

France: GDP data came in unchanged at 0.0 percent, so France saw no expansion or contraction for the period.

Hungary: On a y/y basis, GDP contracted 1.2 percent vs exp contraction of 1.0 percent and prv period’s decline of 0.7 percent.

Austria: GDP rose in line with expectations at 0.2 percent vs prv growth of 0.5 percent on a y/y basis

Slovakia: GDP came in at 2.70 percent, in line with expectations.

(Trading Economics)

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