ConocoPhillips – Co. reported 2Q12 profit at USD 2.27b vs. previous USD 3.4b. EPS at USD 1.80 per share vs. previous USD 2.41. Revenue at USD 15.7b vs. estimated USD 9.06b. EPS excluding items at USD 1.22 vs. previous USD 1.20 per share. (

PepsiCo. – Co. reported 2Q12 earnings in which profits declined 21 percent on a y/y basis to USD 1.49 b. Revenues came in at USD 16.4 b, exhibiting a decline of 2 percent. Even though the results exceeded forecasts by a slight margin, co. was affected by rising US Dollar and restructuring costs. Co. stated that its FY12 profits would meet their targets despite the slowdown in the economy. Advertisement spending rose 40 percent in the US. Beverage revenues from the US declined 5 percent y/y and operating profit declined 15 percent. (Financial Times)

Apple – Co. reported 3Q12 net income of USD 8.7b vs. previous USD 7.3b. EPS excluding items at USD 9.32 per shares vs. estimated USD 10.37 per share vs. previous USD 7.79 per share. Revenue at USD 35b vs. estimated USD 37.22b vs. previous USD 28.57b. Co.’s in its 4Q12 guidance forecasted EPS at USD 7.65 per share vs. estimated USD 10.22 a share. Revenue at USD 34b vs. expected USD 38b.  (CNBC)

Boeing Co. – Airline maker posted better than expected 2Q12 results which prompted it to raise its FY12 guidance.  Revenues rose 21 percent to USD 20 b y/y and operating earnings came in 1 percent higher at USD 1.5 b. Profits rose 3 percent to USD 967 m. Co. received 150 passenger plane orders vs 118 in June 2011. Earnings guidance was raised from USD 4.15 – 4.35 to USD 4.40 – 4.60 a share. Commercial airplanes saw a 27 percent rise with other segments also making higher revenue contributions. (Financial Times)

Caterpillar – Co. reported 2Q12 net profit at USD 1.67b vs. previous USD 1.02b. EPS at USD 2.54 per share vs. estimated USD 2.28 per share vs. previous USD 1.52 per share. Revenue at USD 17.37b vs. estimated USD 17.11b. For FY 12 co. expects to earn an EPS at USD 9.60 per share in 2012 vs. estimated USD 9.54 vs. previous USD 9.50 per share. (CNBC)

Eli Lilly – Co. reported 2Q12 net profit at USD 923.6m vs. previous USD1.2b. EPS at USD 0.83 cents vs. estimates USD 0.77 cents vs. previous USD 1.07 per share. Revenue at USD 5.6b vs. estimated USD 5.6b. Co. expects FY12 adjusted EPS in the range of USD 3.30 to USD 3.40 per share vs. previous forecast of USD 3.15 to USD 3.30 per share. Revenue forecast between USD 21.8b to USD 22.8b. (CNBC)

Ford Motor – Co. reported its 2Q12 profits at USD 1 b vs USD 2.4 b a year ago. Profits halved on a severe slowdown in Europe affecting its sales. EPS came in at 26 cents a share vs 59 cents a year ago. Revenues declined to USD 33.3 b, a 6.2 percent decline on a y/y basis. Operating earnings excl. items came in at 30 cents a share, higher than 29 cents estimated by analysts. Europe’s dismal performance contributed to the decline as the co. was made to lower its FY12 pre-tax operating profit to lower than USD 8.8 b, which it forecasted earlier. (Financial Times)

T Rowe Price – Co. reported 2Q12 net profit at USD 206.8m vs. previous 2Q11 profit at USD 204.7m. EPS at USD 0.79 cents vs. estimated USD 0.81 cents vs. previous USD 0.76 cents. Net Revenue at USD 736m vs. estimated USD 759m. (Fox Business)

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