McDonalds Corp – Co. reported 2Q12 earnings which came below expectations which saw shares decline 2 percent to USD 89.25 a share. Profit came in 4.5 percent lower at USD 1.35 b vs USD 1.41 b a year ago. EPS came in at USD 1.32 a share vs prv USD 1.35 a share vs expectations of USD 1.38 per share. Same store sales, sales in stores in operation for the year, rose at its slowest pace in 1 year of 3.5 percent. (Bloomberg)

Halliburton Co. – Co reported its 1Q12 results at USD 737 m vs USD 739 m a year ago. Earnings came in at 79 cents vs 80 cents in the earlier period. Revenues rose 22 percent to USD 7.2 b vs expectations of USD 6.96 b. North America remained its main market as three-quarter of its revenues came in from this region. Co. plans to target USD 3.6 – USD 3.8 in capital expenditures. (Reuters)

Eaton Corp – Co. reported its 1Q12 profits at USD 382 m vs USD 336 m a year ago. Earnings came in at USD 1.12 a share vs exp USD 1.07 a share, exceeding expectations on cost cutting measures which offset slowdown in emerging markets. Sales declined to USD 4.07 b vs USD 4.09 b on a y.y basis. (Financial Times)

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